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What To Do When Your Car Stuck in Sand

What To Do When Your Car Stuck in Sand

In the UAE, there are lots of chances for exciting adventures and driving off the road. You can even spend the night camping in the desert and drive around in the sandy areas with people who share your interests.

But if your car stuck in the sand, it can be really bothersome and annoying. This guide has some useful tips put together to help you free your car from the sand dune in a safe and smart way.

7 Things To Do When Your Car Stuck in Sand

How to Get Car Unstuck from Sand

1. Keep the Right Tools

It’s important to be prepared before you plan an adventure ride. Keep a few essential tools in your car that can come to the rescue when you find yourself stuck.

A shovel, tow strap, and a jack are some of the tools that should have a permanent place in your trunk. These tools can make a world of difference when it comes to freeing your car from the sand trap.

2. Dig Sand Away from All the Wheels

When you realize your car stuck, the first step is to assess the situation. Take a look at all four wheels and see how deeply they are buried in the sand. Start by digging the sand away from the wheels with your shovel.

Creating a clear path around each wheel will give you more room to maneuver and increase your chances of getting unstuck.

3. Lower the Tyres Pressure

Lowering the tyres pressure up to 15 psi can help your car’s tyres gain better traction on the sand. Use a tyre pressure gauge to release some air from each tyre, but don’t go overboard.

4. Use Traction Mats

Traction mats are specially designed mats can provide the grip your tyres need to gain traction on the sandy surface. Simply wedge the mats under the stuck tyres and slowly accelerate. The mats will grip the sand and help your car climb out of its sandy predicament.

5. Wet Down the Sand

If you’re near a water source, try wetting down the sand around your stuck tyres. Wet sand compacts better and provides more stability, which can give your tyres the boost they need to break free.

6. Break Out the Shovel

If digging alone isn’t doing the trick, it might be time to dig a little deeper. Dig a trench in the direction you want to move your car, creating a smoother path for your tyres to follow. This technique can often provide the extra leverage needed to get your car moving again.

7. Get Professional Assistance

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your car just won’t budge. In situations like this, it’s best to call in the professionals. If you’re in Dubai, our car towing service is here to help.

Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of dealing with stuck vehicles, and we have the right equipment to get your car out of the sand safely and efficiently.

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