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Automotive glass often sustains damage due to the harsh external conditions, leading to inconvenience for both the driver and front seat passengers. Tow Truck stands out as a leading auto glass repair shop, offering specialized services for repairing minor cracks in vehicle windshields.

Moreover, we provide windscreen replacement service when the existing one is extensively cracked, rendering it impossible to restore its functionality. Our range of car glass repair Dubai service is cost effective, ensuring we meet your specific needs and preferences.

Hire our experts online in Dubai to repair the Broken Car Glass.

Available 24/7 for professional and reasonable Auto glass repair.

Our car treatments effectively ensure having each and every issue fixed, ranging from minor dysfunctionalities to major.

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Our windshield repair and replacement services are just one call away from you in any area of Dubai.

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24/7 Auto Glass Repair Dubai Service For Windshield Cracks

We know that accidents can happen anytime and leave you in a tough spot. That’s why our team of experts is always ready to help, day or night. Whether your car’s windshield has a small chip or a big crack, we have the right skills and tools to fix it.

You can feel safe with our 24-hour service because we’ll quickly repair your windshield, making sure you can drive safely. You can trust us to do a good job and make your car’s windshield flawless again.

Our staff uses non-toxic adhesives to quickly replace the entire windshield.

Get quick glass repairs from us for all of the minor cracks and damages.

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Our top-tier UAE-based shop provides premium quality car glass repair treatment in Dubai for all sorts of cars and you can also hire our professionals online for Car Detailing Services in Dubai.


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What If You Don’t Get Your Car’s Windshield Cracks Repaired?

You shouldn’t try to fix your car’s glass on your own because it requires special skills and tools. If you have small cracks in your car’s windshield, it’s important to get them fixed quickly, or they could become bigger and cause problems. Fixing these cracks is important to make sure the glass won’t fall out and to give the driver a clear view outside.

Also, if your car’s glass is cracked, the value of your car goes down. We offer affordable service of car glass repair services in Dubai for all types of cars, including Mercedes and BMW.

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Tow Truck boasts a highly experienced staff with over 10 years of expertise in skillfully repairing car glass in Dubai. With oue exceptional set of skills, we can restore your car’s glass to its pristine condition. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and tools, we ensure a flawless repair process without any mess.

We always prioritizes the needs of our customers, offering a flexible pricing chart while maintaining consistently high-quality assistance.

20% Discount on First Service

We are offering Up to 20% Discount to our customers for first services. 

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Want a quick repair of the minor crack on your car glass? Make a phone call to and get it done with no delay.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Yes, small cracks in a car windshield can often be repaired. Our professional car glass repair technicians can assess the size and location of the crack to determine if it is repairable.

In many cases, repairing the crack promptly can prevent it from spreading and potentially save you from having to replace the entire windshield.

The time it takes to repair car glass can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the specific repair needed. Minor repairs such as small chips or cracks can often be fixed within an hour, while more extensive damage may require additional time.

The cost for a standard stone chip repair is 300 AED. However, for larger cracks and more extensive stone chip damage, the cost may be higher.

Please reach out to us for more information, and kindly note that the exact price can only be determined after assessing the specific damage that needs to be repaired.

It is not recommended to to drive immediately after getting glass repair. Wait at least 1 hour after the new windscreen has been installed.