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Welcome to Expert Car Window Tinting Dubai, where we specialize in making your car cooler and more stylish. We provide professional car tinting Dubai service to make your car a private and safe space for you. Our car tints are designed to block sunrays and UV radiation and hence keep the car interior safe from getting damaged. These window tints keep the broken car glass in its place in case of an accident which is their main feature.

Our experts offer quick auto tinting for your vehicle in the entire UAE.

All types of window tint available for all car brands.

Hire our staff online or visit our store in Al Quoz First for car window tinting.

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High-performance Window Tinting is known for its durability and remarkable ability to diminish infrared heat waves by up to 95%. Additionally, it effectively blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, safeguarding your skin from darkening and premature aging. Now, you can get benefits from our car window tinting service in Dubai to resolve all these issues.

One of the significant safety advantages of applying 3M Window Tinting to your car lies in its ability to reduce glare during nighttime driving. Now TowTruck offering auto tinting at your home all over Dubai.

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Towtruk is a top-notch brand in UAE, have our reliable 3M car tinting Dubai service with just a click at reasonable rates.


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Benefits of Car Glass Tinting 

A car interior needs protection to maintain its luxurious look, our car window tinting helps in blocking the outside harmful radiation and acts as a protector for the interior. Not just this, tints offer a private environment by blocking out invasive sounds up to some decibels.

We are a team of professionals that offers a variety of car glass tints to meet your expectations. We provide dyed, carbon, metalized, hybrid, and ceramic tints for your vehicle at affordable rates. Some tints absorb the radiations while others reflect them, to know further information about these tints, contact us now.

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Legal Car Window Tint Dubai

Authorized Tinting 

Legal Limit of Car Tinting in UAE

In the UAE, there are rules about how dark windows can be. The front window in the front of the car should let 70% of light through. The windows on the sides in the front need to let 50% of light through. The windows on the sides at the back and the window at the back of the car can be darker, but they still need to let at least 30% of light through.

If your tint is too dark, fines can start at AED 1000 and go higher based on how much it’s over the 50% limit.

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Towtruck is a leading car recovery shop that is getting hyped for the high-quality car window tint range it provides in the UAE. We provide car glass tints in different thicknesses, as per the law in UAE, 50% or lighter than this percentage. Here are some benefits you will get by selecting our brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Car size and manufacture determine tinting time. 1–2 hours. Experts clean windows using a solution to remove grease and debris. Cut and apply the film afterward. Next, they’ll squeeze bubbles and stick the film to the glass. Window cleaning will follow film trimming.

Depending on the tinting film and vehicle size, automobile window tinting costs AED 100–200. Polyethylene terephthalate, a resilient material that can be dyed any hue, is the most popular tinting film. PET film is used for automotive tinting since it doesn’t fade or bubble.

The finest automobile window tint depends on numerous things. Consider the automobile type, planned usage, and climate. Convertibles and sedans may require different tints. Hot areas need a different colour than cold ones. Get the finest window tint for your automobile by researching the numerous options.

Tinted automobile windows partially filter UV radiation. Tinting film type and darkness determine protection. UV protection increases with hue darkness. Even the deepest tint cannot filter UV radiation.