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Top 5 Tips for Finding the Best Car Oil Change in Dubai

Getting your car’s oil changed regularly is one of the best ways to maintain its performance and extend its life. But with so many auto shops and service centers to choose from in Dubai, how do you know which one does the highest quality oil change? We’ve compiled the top 5 tips for finding the best car oil change in Dubai. Follow these suggestions to find a shop you can rely on time and time again.

5 Essential Tips to Follow When Finding the Best Car Oil Change in Dubai

1. Do Your Research

oil change

The first step is doing some homework before taking your car in for an oil change. Search online reviews of auto shops in your area to see what existing customers have said. Pay attention to any trends in positive or negative feedback that would indicate the overall quality of service. 

You can also ask friends, family, and coworkers if they have recommendations for the best oil change center based on firsthand experience. Taking the time to research options will help you identify some top contenders providing consistent, high-quality service.

2. Ask About the Oil and Filters Used

filters for car oil change

Once you’ve identified a few potential auto shops, go in person to inquire about the types of oil and filters they use for services. High-quality full synthetic motor oils and premium oil filters will offer superior performance and engine protection compared to cheaper conventional oils and basic filters. 

Ask which brand options they use, and look them up online to check ratings and reviews. A shop using top-tier oil and filter brands is one that truly cares about quality.

3. Evaluate the Facilities and Equipment

equipment for car oil change

When visiting a Dubai oil change center in person, take a look around at the facilities and equipment. A clean, well-organized shop with modern amenities often correlates to higher quality work compared to a dirty or cluttered location. Pay attention to how technicians treat customers’ cars when moving them around the shop. 

Do they take care when driving the cars? That’s a good sign. Also, take a peek to see if the oil change equipment looks properly maintained. Modern machinery cleaned after each use can indicate more attention to detail.

4. Ask About Additional Service Options

services options

While you’re talking to the manager or service advisor at oil change locations, ask what additional inspections or services they perform during oil changes. Some shops will provide complimentary multi-point inspections, checking brakes, tires, batteries, and more. 

Others will rotate tires or replace air filters at discounted rates when servicing oil. Opting for a shop that goes “above and beyond” with inspections and extra services can provide added convenience and value.

5. Compare the Pricing of Shops

oil change

Lastly, compare the pricing across the oil change centers under consideration. While cost shouldn’t be the only factor, it does give helpful insight into the quality you can expect. For example, a shop charging 50 AED may seem like a great deal, but they may be using inferior products or rushing through jobs. 

Expect to pay a fair price for premium oil and filter brands, service by trained technicians, and shops with modern facilities and equipment. Opting for the cheapest oil change option could mean you’ll need to pay more down the road for repairs from subpar servicing.

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Getting the Most from Your Dubai Oil Change

  • Opt for full synthetic oils for improved performance, longer change intervals, and premium engine protection. Higher-quality oils outperform basic conventional oils.
  • Consider higher-grade oil filters for greater contaminant removal over time. Using longer-lasting, high-mileage filters maximize value between services.
  • Ask if fuel system cleaners or fuel injector service can be added periodically. Over the years, deposits buildup and cleaning agents help dissolve gum, varnish, and carbon.
  • Rotate tires at the same time as oil changes to distribute wear more evenly, extending tire life significantly. It saves an extra auto shop visit for a small added cost.
  • Get your annual brake inspection done during oil changes for convenience and potential discounts if you need new brake pads or rotors. Combining maintenance tasks saves money over time.
  • Replace air filters when servicing oil, inspecting for any dust or dirt buildup restricting airflow. Clean filters ensure optimal fuel mix and horsepower translation.
  • Bolster engine reliability is also achieved by flushing and refilling transmission fluids and differentials as miles accumulate. Well-lubricated systems endure much longer before repairs arise.
  • Identify minor issues before they become major by having multiple systems inspected during routine maintenance visits catching problems early when they’re cheaper to fix.


Following these top 5 tips for finding the best car oil change in Dubai can simplify the process of identifying the highest quality service for your vehicle’s needs. Taking the time to do your homework before bringing your car in for its next oil change will give you peace of mind, knowing it’s in competent, caring hands. 

Your car’s engine and longevity rely on regular maintenance, so choose the Dubai oil change center that checks all the boxes for facilities, technicians, products, and service options. Your ride and wallet will thank you in the long run.

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